Odido TV box integration (NL)

Odido (formerly T-Mobile) provides IPTV through a “TV box”.
I would very much like to control that TV box through Home Assistant, mostly:

  • Wake/Standby + get status
  • Play/Pause + get status
  • Volume up/down + get current volume
  • channel up/down + get current channel

I am a developer and can write the integration, but unfortunately Odido TV boxes do not yet provide a API.
I made a suggestion on the Odido forum in there new “wishes and idees” section to include a API in there firmware.
If you also would like to control your Odido TV box, please vote for that idee on the Odido community here:

Note that this concerns Odido in the Netherlands, Odido in other countries (such as the USA) are basically seperate companies which uses diffrent hardware and firmware for IPTV.