Odriod Blue - time changed way into the future

I’m guessing this is an NTP issue of some sort, but it’s so far into the future, I don’t think that it will self adjust because of the huge date difference.

I can ssh to the home assistant image and the date shows as the following: ~ $ date Mon Jan 18 22:29:45 CST 2038

My real problem is that I switched to the Odroid Blue when they came out and I dont have a way to access the host OS. The Date command in the core app is useless and I’m stuck.

I read about using a usb stick to import private keys for ssh but that’s something I’ve never done. Is this really the way to get to the OS of the host so I can set the time correctly?

Stuck and looking for any advice. Any service I have fails due to the failure of all ssl certs due to the date skew.


You can also connect a monitor and keyboard directly to the Odroid and access the host OS that way.

I did that. After the boot, it jumps to the HA os and I get the same options as if I ssh to the container. I’m trying to access the host to set the time.

Press enter.

Type login

User: root

Password: <none>

Oh. my. god. That’s what I needed. I didnt find this documented anywhere. Thanks for taking the time to reply and let me know. I’ve been struggling with this for hours.

havent got it fixed yet, but i can access the os, which is what i needed.

Here: https://www.home-assistant.io/common-tasks/os/#console-access

Be careful. Do a full snapshot and copy it off the card before messing with the host system.