ODROID-C4 or Home Assistant Green

I am just getting into Home automation, although I go way back using X10 stuff.
I did get some Kasa stuff recently and that is working great.
I also have some IP cameras and use Blue Iris for those cameras

I ordered a Home Assistant Green unit a while back to get into Home Assistant.
Ameridroid is back logged on shipping the Green unit because there are so many orders.

I got an email today from Ameridroid wanting to know if I would be interested in substituting the Green for this item - The ODROID-C4 Basic Bundle with a $10 refund.

I am willing to wait for the Green unit, but was curious if the ODROID-C4 Basic Bundle is something I should consider or just wait on the Green unit?

Hoping someone here can give me some guidance on this issue.

The Odroid-C4 will be running HA from an SD-card, not an ideal solution in the long run as might break due to the intense read/write. The Green on the other hand will be equipped with an eMMC storage that will cope with this issue better.

Thanks for the input
I will wait for the green unit to ship

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