Odroid H3 - as a basis for Home Assistant and a NAS


I would like to purchase an Orchid H3 and use it to combine various systems that are currently distributed across several devices. (Home Assistant on a Pi4, PiHole on a Pi3b and a Synology NAS) on one hardware.

Now I have had a look at the website ODROID - Home Assistant. There is no direct support for an Odroid H3. Is there none?

Does anyone have any experience with the combination I mentioned? I am currently planning to use Open Media Vault as a NAS system (there have already been ideas for this with a Pi Can I install openmediavault and Home Assistant simultaneously on my Raspberry Pi?, for example). The question concerns both the hardware equipment (e.g. how much RAM is necessary, size of the SSD for the software) and the software (e.g. use of Proxmox or the OMV app store (omv-extra and a Docker/Portainer installation).

Do you have any experience with an Odroid H3 and a ConBee II stick?

Thanks in advance

HA images pertain to HAOS. HAOS excludes running anything else than itself (and addons, but I doubt there is an OMV addon).

OTOH, you can run HA as a container under docker on any ARM or X86 device, with the caveat that you loose addon support.