Odroid Kiosk

Aplogize for this not being so HA related but -

I have 12 Odroid C1+ SBC’s and Id like repurpose them (instead of dumping them) to make them into 1080p web displays for around the office that use a browser to rotate through HA and Grafana pages. They do not need touch control.

I was thinking of installing Android 4.4.4 (the only image available) and side loading Fully Kiosk or Wallpanel (both can be controlled thru MQTT)

Odroid do make a Ubuntu 18 image but im not sure of which is easier for deployment and if Android 4.4.4 is too risky to get “Rick Rolled”

Does anyone have any good ideas or opinions as to which way I should go for such a small SBC (no real compute power)