ODROID-M1 vs N2+, M.2 NVMe vs eMMC

I’m new to Home Assistant, work primarily with RTI and Savant, but HA brings a lot to the table.

I started playing around with it on a Raspberry Pi 3B v2. After reading up more, it looks like it’s better to start with something more robust in order to be able to handle more load and operate quicker. I spun up a VM on ESXi and restored the configuration onto that, which I understand is much better than the RPi, but I’m thinking it’s just better to have a dedicated piece of hardware, especially since I may not keep that VM host running.

So I see that ODROID is supported and the site suggests the N2+ first, with the M1 being also ok. The M1 has M.2 NVMe whereas it’s missing in the N2+ which only has the eMMC. It seems like the M.2 is going to be much quicker and better in general than the eMMC. So what are your thoughts, is the M1 better for the most part? Or does the storage different make little difference? I’d really like to know opinions on M1 vs N2+. Thanks!

From what I understand, the N2+ has a faster CPU and GPU. I ran Home Assistsnt for a year and a half on a HA Blue (N2+) with no external storage and didn’t have any problems. I don’t know how much of a difference you’d see with the N2+ over the M1, but you can always add external storage later if you find you need it.

What kind of system do you run HA on now and why did you abandon the N2+?

About a week after I received my Blue, Home Assistant Amber (now Yellow) was announced. I ordered that probably within a day or two. (Prior to the Blue, I was actually running it on a Raspberry Pi Zero W to test it out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I ordered the POE kit, and ordered the most powerful Compute 4 module separately. Then about a month later I added a C4 module to my Yellow order when the supply issues started to be worrisome. That was cancelled when Crowd Supply couldn’t keep up with orders.

Luckily my original order came in a couple months later, about a month or two before my Yellow came in, about 16 months after my initial order.

I’d still be using my N2+ if Nabu Casa hadn’t developed the Yellow. I liked the fact that I could install an internal Z-Wave controller, and the built-in Zigbee radio (although I’m still using the SkyConnect I bought for the Blue for now). I do like the fact that I can also upgrade the compute module if RPi comes out with a more powerful C5 module, hopefully next year, assuming it has the sane form factor.