Odroid N2+ and monitor question

Is anyone running this? An odroid n2+ (or equivilant) and have a local monitor, keyboard, etc hooked to it?
I have a Odroid N2+ and just acquired a smaller computer monitor (24in) and was considering hooking up a mouse and keyboard as well.
I currently access HA thru my gaming computer, as well as a Pixel 8 pro, and don’t want to give up any of that access.
Looking for anyone with experience in this.

A monitor and keyboard is no problem, but since HA OS is a headless system, there is not much to see or do on the console.

I second Francis comments. Really no need and nothing to see!

So the dashboards wouldn’t be there?

Not if you are running HA OS.

No, headless means a computer or device that operates without a traditional interface. You’ll see something similar to a command prompt.

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