Odroid N2+ - no web front end fresh install

I am relatively new to using HA and have been using it on a Pi4 on the SD card. To improve things I decided to upgrade to Odroid N2+ with eMMC…

HA was pre-installed on the eMMC and I thought it would be as simple as powering on and waiting before I then uploaded my full snapshot from the Pi4 to migrate across.

Unfortunately there does seem to be some sort of an issue as I cannot get onto the web front end. I have connected it to a monitor and can see HA is up and can login using a keyboard.

Is there anything I need to do to get the web front end working? I have checked the observer using a web browser and can see that it says supervisor is connected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you know what version of Home Assistant was installed on the N2+ when you tried restoring a backup?

I had an issue when I received my device that would bring it offline after a reboot of any kind. It was due to the supervisor thinking the system was unhealthy. This bug seems to have been fixed in more recent versions (as I had reloaded my N2+ a few weeks ago) and the reboot issue doesn’t seem to affect me anymore. I did have to reload the device from scratch. I attached a few links below for reference that got me through it.


I never got chance to try and restore the backup as I have never been able to connect to the new Odroid to try the restore. It came with 2021.4.3 pre-installed.

Thanks for the link I will check that out and see if it helps me get it up and running.

Just to let you know that link for reloading the N2+ sorted it out for me. I can now access the box and have already restored my snapshot from the Pi4

Thanks for your help.