Odroid N2+ vs Intel Atom mini pc?

Hi all

I’m looking around to buy a new box to run Home Assistant on. My first thought was to buy an Odroid N2+. The Odroid N2+ is also used in the Home Assistant Blue bundle, so it is an obvious choice.

But the Odroid is almost everywhere sold out, so I started looking at alternatives.
I came up with this box: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Desktop-Computer-Windows-connection-Bracket/dp/B07VJD6HRS/ This box is just an example.

I’m mostly interested in power consumption. The load will be very minimal.
I don’t want to start a flame war, but is the Odroid still a better choice than the intel one? Why?

Hi Wouter, do you want to run more than home on your hardware? You might want to look into esxi or proxmox in between your hardware and homeassistant…

As an alternative you can have a look at HP T630 ThinClients. AMD CPU (passive cooling), DDR4 memory, M-SATA SSD (two slots). And they are pretty cheap as well. If you are lucky, you can find them for a price of a RPi4 8GB version. And of course you can upgrade the memory or disk.

It is capable to run the Home Assistant OS as well, the generic x86 version.

The power supply is max rated as 65W. If you buy one, make sure that it comes with the right HP power supply as well, they are picky on power supplies and they do not work with aftermarket one.