Odroid-xu4 HA image not booting


I tried HA by running it as a VM on my laptop, and want to have it running permanently now on my Odroid-XU4, but the HA image I downloaded does not boot. (I flashed the image on the emcc memory card)
I had this same problem with an older version of the HA Odroid image, I never got it to boot.
To verify that the problem is not on the Odroid, I downloaded and flashed a Ubuntu image from the Odroid site, and that one booted without any problems.
Also, when I put the emcc memory card in my laptop, it mounts, and I can see its contents.

Can someone help to get HA running on my Odroid ?
I took the Odroid, because it is supposed to be faster than the pi3 and the emcc memory is supposed to be much more reliable than normal flash memory.