Off Line Documentation PDF

Reading the documentation is exciting! So often, I get new ideas and updates to old ones.

  • I still have not located the root link to the many categories in the documentation(s)… I stumbled across Integrations - Home Assistant by accident one day and have been partially educated at the expense of sitting at a live terminal vs enjoying the benefits of my HA from my easy chair reading a selected PDF printout. Also, I do not have the luxury of a printed reference note while I am drafting my YAML code chunks.
  • My difficulty is you must be on line to read them.
    – My Suggestion is to link ability to create a PDF. That way I could print and do my reading off line.
  • Also, I do understand everything including the provide documentation and examples are as fluid as the version release itself. Wouldn’t it be helpful to everyone if the documentation had the noted version release or revision date so that you could tell it contained updates or what release was current when it was written?
  • example this morning I was reading what was included in the latest update. OMG, so exciting, everything I could ask for :nerd_face:, I hit the install and now the read is completely gone and I don’t know how to find all the details it contained…
  • Another great benefit of PDF in the easy chair… My highlighter! so that the next visit to the computer interface, I can make the changes and stay current.

:-1: from me.
Save the trees! :deciduous_tree:

I’d be in favor of any procedural change to improve documentation. But on a project like this, it’s never going to get top priority. Coding is fun. Writing documentation isn’t. HA coders are mostly volunteers, doing this for fun.

But if it’s any help, there’s a “documentation” link right at the top of the HA home page. Of course any page can be saved as or “printed to” PDF for offline reference. You can highlight lines in a PDF, with the right software.

As for finding things, I have the most luck using the site: option in DuckDuckGo (or Google, if you prefer.) For example, the search would be “ integrations” or whatever you’re searching for. This will bring up not only the documentation, but anything from this forum which contains your search terms.

Finally, the latest release notes are at That’s a good one to bookmark.

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I’d like this, since I don’t have Internet at home and would like to be able to work on things completely offline.