Off topic maybe... 3D printed box for Wemos

I have several Wemos units in the same config, dual base with D1 in one slot and SHT30 board with stacked OLED board in the other slot.

I do not have a 3D printer, but our library does. I am looking for a box design that will hold the base and has an opening for the display and vent slots all the way around. Surely someone here has made one for a similar stack of Wemos parts…

If so, would you mind sharing the design files?

Thanks Matt

Search for Wemos D1 Mini

Keith, I could not find one there that would fit my stacks. I think I am going to have to find someone with the skills to make the box.

This is customizable would it not fit your stacks? Ahh I see dual base?

I did look at that one. I could cut on the lid and maybe get it to work. I find that for thermal sensors, getting the SHT30 off the top of the Wemos makes it more accurate. It appears that the Wemos makes enough heat to affect the SHT30. It is not always linear…

There was a modular stacking set that looked good, but the fit was so horrible that I had to glue it all together…
I have sent a couple of other designs to the library for printing, will get them in a few days.

This set looked good, but it was the one that really did not fit.

Maybe the library uses crap setting to save plastic, but I thought the infill and such was all speced in the .stl file.

I only bring it up because my 11 yo already shorted one out. She was curious and picked it up and put it back down on a metal surface! She reported smoke and stink!

Yep I’ve blown a few and they do smoke and stink :stuck_out_tongue: , I have both single stack and dual stack versions but currently no cases, if you find any that fit report back as I need to source some myself :slight_smile: It might be worth going to a professional company as they may have better materials/printers and will probably be more accurate.

This one looks interesting for a dual base…

Not sure about the infill thing but I wonder if it makes a difference how it’s rotated on the base, I would assume they should be rotated to be flat on base and therefore there should not be much infill in a box shape?

I just did this that works really well.