Off-topic: Turkey need help 🙏

I know this is not the place, but I want to inform you about something.

In the past days, there was a 7.7 and 7.5 magnitude earthquake at two points close to each other in one day in Turkey, and over 5000 (maybe more and more) houses were destroyed, many people died (about 10,000 people so far) and many of them are still under rubble.

This natural disaster is perhaps one of the biggest disasters in the last 100 years.

My request from you is to disseminate this information on international platforms as much as possible. Turkish people need help. We are doing our best as a whole country, but we need more support.

Below I share the link that you can support, as well as the links that show the gravity of the event.


Please forgive me if I have violated forum rules.

Thank you


We appreciate wanting to spread the word and gather support, and our hearts go out to those in our community and beyond who are affected. We will keep this up to help spread awareness but will lock it to prevent unhelpful comments.