Office 365 Calendar Access

Hi All,

Been searching for a while and there seems to be a minefield of information on this.

I have one simple question however before playing about with third party apps etc.

Is there a way for Home Assistant to access an Office 365 Calendar ?

Thanks in advance

This might be something:

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Hi, I tried this today but still unable to configure. I can not validate my account.
Done all the steps in the manual several times but … no luck so far.
Hope it can be resolved soon.

Hi, author of that integration here :slight_smile:

Can you please create an issue on the github, then i will look into it asap

Please provide your full home assistant logs when doing so.


Hi Patrick,
thanks for replying. I will send asap. Might take a day or two because I am out of the country.
But I will sent. I really love there is an integration with Outlook. Thanks for that.

Posted on the github!
Thanks in advance!!

Hi Eric,

I got your component working but have no idea how to display the sensor in a a calendar card. Would you have an example you could share?

Many thanks!

Hi Luc,
as far as I understood is it just an entity card en you see either false or true.
You do not see an actual calendar card. But maybe Patrick can explain better.

I still have some issues with the Outlook integration.
When looking in Outlook I see eg 15:00 - 16:00 an appointment.
Outlook in HA shows strange times like 2:57PM - 4:17PM. What did I miss in the configuration?

Did you get any further?
I just got it to work and see the appointment in the state attributes but also have not yet figured out a good way to show them.
I tried by using custom cards to show the attributes, but if that works, I haven’t found the right syntax yet to make it appear…

I regrettably caved. I am sharing my Office 365 to a Google account to display my events in a calendar card. But I still hope @PTST will tell us more!

Sorry about the late reply, I’m primarily using github and not the forums for these kinds of things.

What you are seeing is probably a mismatch between the home assistant timezone and your events timezone

Regarding actually displaying the calendar card, this is not possible at the moment as the original integration was primarily ment for automations

But I am looking into adding support for something like atomic calendar card or creating my own card. But this will take some time

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@lseufer @felixkleisen @Plexat
I am pleased to announce that version 2.1.4 has been released, which enables support for calendar cards :smiley:

I myself have only tested it with atomic_calendar, but if you use any other cards please let me know whether they work or not :slight_smile:

Hi @PTST awsome! It’s working perfectly with Calendar card too. Many thanks.

Nice job. Just what I needed. DId test: is not working with this calendar

This seems to have more to do with the home-feed-card than it does with the O365 integration
I’m having trouble getting this card to work reliably with any calendars, or at all to be frank.

But i have with pure luck and without being able to replicate it, seen events from my O365 calendar in this card when testing. So it seems to be the card that has some issues

This one ?
If you can confirm that then i will add it as supported in the readme

That’s the one.

Hi all,
after resetting my entire HA I managed to got a configuration from Azure. So all should be working. But then I saw the update on HA. I first restarted to have the O365 working. Then installed the update of HA.
Configuration window popped up again and until now unable to get a new configuration in O365.
Is it impossible to use the same configuration twice? Or …?
Please advise!