Office wifi presence detection (ie not home wifi)


I’m using and I use two methods of location sensing.

  1. owntracks gps
  2. home wifi (via fritzbox plugin)

I then use a bayesian sensor to combine the sensors

I have work zones for gps. I’d like to also add a wifi sensor for my work wifi ssid. ie i would have device_tracker.work_wifi and it would be on or off depending on whether my phone was connected to a certain ssid.

Has anyone done this? I imagine it could be done using tasker than an api call to home assistant to toggle the sensor, just wondering if someone already has this setup and I can copy it, or if one of the location apps also supports wifi detection for zones. (owntracks supports bluetooth, but doesn’t do anything with wifi networks).



I´m looking for the exactly same thing. 2,5 years later - what´s the current status? I know there are people using this already, I just have no idea how they implemented it.

@kiwijunglist what´s your status on this?

I use tasker on android. It detects the work wifi and then sends an http post to an http sensor in home assistant.

Im not 100% sure but doesn’t the new home assistant android app report which wifi you are connected to.

Yes the app does provide the WiFi SSID. I just don´t know how to tell (configure) Home Assistant that “office-SSID” belongs to Zone “office”…


I’m wanting to do the samething.

nothing new?

Old thread I know, but these days, with the latest Companion app, there are tons of options you can play with, yes?

Yes it’s kinda irrelevant now that most people can just run the home assistant app and that’s easier

That’s for Android. iOS devices (still) only provide very limited sensors. No change on that side.

Except the steps and floors ascended/descended count being available meanwhile, so if your office is in the 6th floor just watch the sensor and take that as „must be in the office (zone)!“ or what :grin:

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