Official Home Assistant app for all Echo Show devices

There are various topics here in the forum on how to install the Home Assistant app on the Echo Show devices. In the meantime, Amazon has completely blocked the possibility for sideload apps (especially for Echo Show 15).
Displaying Home Assistant dashboards on the Echo Show 15, for example, is still not possible out of the box.
Especially with Silk Browser, the address bar always remains visible. Special scripts also have to run so that the browser does not close automatically.

I wonder why there is no attempt to officially integrate the Home Assistant app into the Amazon Store and thus enable easy installation for the Echo devices.

Or am I thinking too simply here?

What is your opinion on this?

I suspect no one wants to play the Amazon game. They can piss off as far as I am concerned.

By the way asking for opinions is not a feature request.

Closed. Not a FR.