Official Reolink integration to support Spotlight and Siren options

I have recieved my new cameras today. A video doorbel POE and a RLC-811A, both from Reolink. There has been a lot of activity on the Reolink integration recently so hopefully my wish/ feature request will be on some todo list somewhere.

With the HACS integration, of both the reolink_dev and the reolink_cctv the siren and spotlight of the 811A are supported as is the siren of the videodoorbell. The latter I don’t think i’ll be using, but especially the spotlight i’m using sometimes (on my Ring device that is, which is going to get replaced by the 811A).

@starkillerOG I believe you are in control of the official integration, so I thought of tagging you here. Hopefully you don’t mind.

@mhoogenbosch first of all, thank you very much for sponsoring me!

I definitely have the spotlight on my too do list, I will bump it a bit to the top :wink:
What do you mean with the siren?
Turning on/off that the sirin triggers when a event is detected, or trigger the sirin manually through HomeAssistant?

I do have quite a lot of bug reports at the moment regarding the new binary_sensors/webhook push support. I am currently focusing on fixing all those bugs. Once I dealt with al that I will start working on the spotlight next.


Sponsoring is cheaper than my subscription at ring. And you make this possible, so no worries :wink:

I use the siren for alarm. I have both a videodoorbel and the 811A. Both support siren. When some unauthorized person (thief) enters and motion is detected when we’re not at home. I trigger the siren by automation.

I sometimes push the siren button to scare my kids too, but that’s not really a good usecase :wink:

The Jimstar HACS integration support both spotlight and siren.

Great to hear that you already have the right topics in your backlog.
I also received my 811a yesterday.
I am especially looking forward to finding the floodlight and also the siren as switches in HA.

It would be ideal if a media_player entity was also included so that I can also use the integrated speaker of the camera.
Configuration items such as switches for person, pet and vehicle detection would be nice but not absolutely necessary. Would you also consider a service with which you can tell the camera configuration items such as the sensitivity of the sensors?

@Pe-MaKer the floodlight and siren will not be implemented as switches.
I will implement the sirin trigger as a button entity (you only trigger it, does not have on/off)
The floodlight will probably be a select entity since there is more than only ON/OFF, I will try to follow the reolink applications as close as possible so in this case have: Off, Auto, Schedule.

There will probably also be a siren switch to turn on/off triggering the sirin automatically when events are detected.

media_player for the speaker will not be implemented anytime soon, since I don’t think the reolink HTTP API supports that currently. So for that firmware changes on reolink’s site are needed.

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Sounds reasonable. Thank you.

As mentioned in another topic, the upcoming firmware release will include RTSP Backchannel for 2-way audio.
I assume this is one of the needed firmware changes you’ve mentioned.

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Do I understand it correctly to assume this means it would be possible to answer the Videodoorbell through HA instead of using the native app? n/m clearly described in the other thread.

Would also love to have the floodlight option as soon as possible for the 811A :slight_smile:

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I have finished adding (in my opinion) a complete set of all relevant reolink features.
The PRs for all features are under review and can be found here:

Features added are:

Number entities:

  • floodlight brightness
  • volume
  • guard return time
  • motion sensitivity
  • AI sensitivity for
    • Face detection
    • People detection
    • Vehicle detection
    • Pet detection

Switch camera:

  • Record audio
  • Siren on event
  • Auto tracking
  • Auto focus
  • Guard return

Switch host/NVR:

  • Email on event
  • FTP upload
  • Push notifications
  • Record
  • Buzzer on event


  • Floodlight mode (Off, Auto, Schedule)
  • Day night mode (Auto, Color, Black&White)
  • PTZ presets (names of (up to 61) preset positions set by user in the reolink app/client, retrieved from the API)



  • Floodlight
  • Infra red lights in night mode
  • Status led


  • PTZ stop
  • PTZ left
  • PTZ right
  • PTZ up
  • PTZ down
  • PTZ calibrate
  • Guard go to
  • Guard set current position

Nice! Can’t wait to test some of the features. Got a question in regards to the light though. Does this mean you can’t turn it on by a switch? You mentioned something about this before but I don’t think I quite understand. Also because the hacs integration does support a switch for turning on the floodlight. Or have they solved this with some kind of workaround? Because if I remember correctly you mentioned the on isn’t in the API.

The light entity is basically a switch. So yes, you can also just turn in on/off.

This will be added in the documentation:

When the floodlight entity is ON always ON, when OFF controlled based on the internal camera floodlight mode (Off, Auto, Schedule)

When IR light entity is OFF always OFF, when ON IR LEDs will be on when camera is in night vision mode, see “Day night mode”

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So for now its not possible to set PTZ preset like in the unofficial integration, right?

Not in HomeAssistant 2023.3.x but the PRs just got merged, so I can now confirm PTZ presets will become available in HomeAssistant 2023.4.x that will be released on April 5th 2023.
You can already try them out in the 2023.4 beta release on March 29th 2023.


The complete set of features listed above will become available in HomeAssistant 2023.4.x that will be released on April 5th 2023, since all 6 PRs got merged.
It will be a massive release of new Reolink entities/features :slight_smile:


Good to know, that the next release will bring in the full value of your work to all of us.
What makes me wonder is the fact, that I have a wiper-switch in my hidden device entities of my 811a. On the other hand, the toggle for the floodlight is missing. Is this related to the not yet merged items you’ve mentioned?

The wiper switch is not from the Reolink integration, but most likely from the ONVIF integration that I am guessing you also have set up.

The floodlight light entity will become available in HA 2023.04.x which has not yet been released.
The “Autofocus” and “IR lamp” entities are also probably from the ONVIF integration and not the reolink integration.
New entities for those functions will be added upon upgrade to HA 2023.04

Is it expected that the AI sensitivity numbers are all 0 when going through the NVR? They show up correctly if I add the cameras directly.

Hello And thank you for your Work in this integration

I have this floodlight from the reolink POE Version


Once in this new release the floodlight are now supported, is this device also supported?

If yes can you please let me know How once I tested And it’s not working

Or is only for the versions with a floodlight attached to the IP cameras ?

Thank you and best regards

@OctAA no that is a bug which schould have been resolved in HA 2023.4.2

I have not tested the seperate floodlight, I do not know exactly how it works and if it will work with this integration.
Do you know if it has a HTTP web interface?
If you go the the IP adress of the seperate floodlight, does it show you a web interface?

How does it show up in the reolink applications, as a seperate device or part of a camera?

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