Official support for running multiple instances of the same add-on (docker container)

Today, Home Assistant OS only officially allows for adding a single instance of an add-on, however, there are common use cases for multiple. For example, many of us run far too many ZigBee devices for a single network and, therefore, manage multiple networks with multiple instances of ZigBee2mqtt. Of course, docker supports this without a problem and there is a known workaround in HAOS for adding multiple instances by slightly changing the repository URL when adding them- however, this feels hacky and I’m concerned that this could break in the future as it’s not “officially” supported. Also, I’m only aware of three permutations of the URL altering workaround, which effectively puts a hard limit of running 3x instances of a single addon.

Alongside this support, it would be great to be able to give our add-ons custom names, which would allow us to visually differentiate between multiple instances of, for example, ZigBee2mqtt in the sidebar and the addon settings menu.

Thanks for considering!