Offline instance of Home Assistant and connection attempts


I have an instance of Home Assistant running in Raspberry Pi. This instance sits in one of my VLANs to communicate with some of my devices. It then delivers events from those devices to my main Home Assistant instance in different VLAN.

There is no requirement to have WAN connection to this secondary instance so I have blocked it from accessing WAN so nothing gets in and nothing gets out. But it is driving me crazy that the device still tries to connect WAN all the time. This is the log message

WARNING (MainThread) [] Can’t update connectivity information: Error: Timeout was reached

And my firewall logs are filled with this! There 10 000 hits for the firewall rule to networks starting with “104.*”. Is there any way to disable this continuous spamming?

seeing superviser mentioned, i guess it will always try to check for updates
Fetching update data from
not sure if that is disableable (i know this is not a word :-))

That’s due to supervisor, it’s not meant to work without internet connection. In addition to the update checks already mentioned, it also makes DNS requests to cloudfare all the time.

But why do you have a separate HA instance instead of allowing the traffic you want from the separate VLAN to the VLAN where your HA instance sits? I also have a VLAN for IoT devices, where access to the Internet and communication to other VLANs is blocked and only specific communication is allowed to make them work with Home Assistant.

Not all devices are able to connect to HA if it is in a different VLAN. I have Tado radiator stuff and I never got it working. I have a lot of other IoT devices that communicates directly with my main HA from that VLAN.

Ok, I understand. Fortunately I never had this issue :slight_smile:

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Well my solution eventually was that I added another blocking firewall rule only for that host and disabled the logging of the rule. Log amount from FW dropped 50% :slight_smile: