Offline map view

Hi, i have a wall mounted tablet/dashboard sitting on a LAN only VLAN configured in PFSENSE, my only gripe is that i am unable download a local map to show our locations (no access to web) is there a way i can allow a firewall rule to access just the map server or even better download the local area to the tablet for offline viewing? Thanks

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I have the same question/use case. @Johnston19910 would love to know if you figured out a solution or if anyone else has one.


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Hi Frank,

Yes after many failed attempts I finally figured it out, are you also using pfsense?

Yes, I do use pfsense. Anything you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Long short create a firewall alias that allows access to the below and then create a firewall rule that passes that alias through,

Also allow the device in the no internet VLAN to allow port 53 for DNS services

Hope that helps if not I can write up better instructions tomorrow when Iā€™m at my laptop

Thank you, that did the trick. Its a good workaround until one day we either

  1. get local map support
  2. use the server to proxy web requests (maps).

no more blank boxes when looking at the map :smiley: