Often connection lost

Hello everyone,

in the past I have very often the problem, that my HA App lost connection to the server.

Sometime I can’t see why? I tried to switch from ip:8123 to homeassistant.local:8123 at internal URL but no difference.

I also deleted the server from the app several times.

Could it be the Wi-Fi connection?

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I’m curious to know, if there is anyone who does NOT have this issue?

I’ve been struggling with it since day 1 (albeit only a few months).

I love this platform, endless possibilities. Losing the connection repeatedly though, greatly reduces it’s usability.

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I get similar on Android. Though not frustrating enough to report. See it a few times while connected, but no similar problems without app. I suspect its more something that gets fixed then reappears.

Hi everybody,
I started experiencing this issue a week ago. I use two iPad pros for Homeassistant and hadn‘t had any issues with the mobile app, so far. since one week one of the ipdas started losing the connection all the time. The other is fine though, which makes it even more confusing…
several app reinstallations and server settings dind‘t solve it so far.
will keep trying different settings and if it gets any better keep you informed.

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Same issue here. The companion app “forgets” server urls several times per day on various devices.

Same issue here. This is happening regularly on different iPhones.

It is annoying, mainly for the family usage as I need to re-configure their devices regularly.

Any advice to fix it would be appreciated

Same issue. My solution is to restart HA but tat is not feasible when I am away from home.