Oh dear, Intel NUC won't boot with Hass.io again

Hi there folks. As you know, I migrated my Pi3 instance to Intel NUC recently as documented here My steps to success for Hass.io on Intel NUC.

Sadly for 2nd time, the NUC refuses to boot after a resin reboot command and is now displaying this on the screen.

root '/dev/disk/by-label/resin-rootA' doesn't exist or does not contain /dev

Can anyone advise on how I could fix that? I can remove the SSD and explore in Linux Live if that helps. System was running Hass.io 0.64.1 and I tried to update the host system which did not work.


I then decided to move the physical location of the NUC so issued a ‘SHUTDOWN’ command from the GUI and this is when it failed to start. As this is my live system I’m in a bit of a panic now to try and get this working before the wife comes home :disappointed:

I don’t think hassio is good for a NUC.

Grab a Ubuntu USB, boot it up, get your config off and save it somewhere.

Then install Ubuntu, and run your setup on Docker.

I have a Synology RS814+ so I might look to offload it there using Docker instead. Thanks. It’d be nice to know why this is happening though. I don’t like being beaten by a machine! :grimacing:

Look at resin OS. That’s what runs hassio. They aren’t based on any known Linux distro. They are there own distro. They are a niche. I love the idea, I dislike the execution of it.

Have posted on their github repo. See if anyone can shed any light.