Oh I do need help, sunsynk inverter already integrated

SO I have followed like many before and built my own ESP and 485 module to talk to my Sunsynk inverter.
Was surprised when I got it all to work.
Sooo my boggle is, I can read from the inverter but not write back to it to say make a change to a state of charge.
I have created a scene as per one of the videos I watched where a guy sets it up to apply certain scenes at certain times.
I can see within the yaml that there is an area for read entities and write entities and the state of charge is one of those that can be written.
I am just at a lost as how can I be this close and not be able to see what the issue is?
any ideas? thanks

You’ll probably get more bites if you share your config and some logs.

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I literally just followed this video so all config would be same bar the parts which are relevant to my config, such as inverter name and basic configs

Thanks, it seems everyone can just download the config I have used and it works as no one seems very interested.

So the issue turned out to be that the inverter wasn’t allowing writes.
I went down the avenue of trying with ESPHome and then signed up to Solar-Assistant, all for nought!!!
So now the common denominator is the inverter.
Raised a ticket with SunSynk and eventually someone updated my inverter, not once but twice.
Turns out the inverter firmware would not allow writes to be performed to the software.
Once the updated firmware was applied the SA started to be able to writes, I removed SA and put ESPhome and it too could also write to the inverter.
Hopefully this post will make is less of an expense for anyone having the same issue.