Olarm integration

Hi all, are there any plans for Olarm integration with Hassio? Just upgraded my home alarm to DSC panel with Olarm and want to pull functions into Hassio.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Stefan
In June last year Olarm said they were working on a HA integration, but with no timeline available.
I’ve just sent them another mail…

Thank you for the feedback. I have since switched to a product call MiFalcon which does the same as Olarm but I also have not found a way to integrate that as yet.

I got an email response from Olarm. They are actively working on HA integration and expect a release sometime this year. That’s as much as I could get out of them :frowning:

HI All, I mail the Olarm team every few months, and every few months I get the same “we are actively working on this feature”, however no change other than that.

I don’t have any confidence in them for integrating into Home Assistant or Google Home or Homekit.

HI All, I mailed the Olarm team again today with a request for “Homekit, Google home and Home Assistant support”. Today I received a mail back with access to the API which is still in beta.

You might want to try the same.

I’m more on the infrastructure side, than the coding side, but will give the API a try. I hope that there is someone else that will be able to make sense of this and assist with integration to Home Assistant.