Olarm integration

Hi all, are there any plans for Olarm integration with Hassio? Just upgraded my home alarm to DSC panel with Olarm and want to pull functions into Hassio.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Stefan
In June last year Olarm said they were working on a HA integration, but with no timeline available.
I’ve just sent them another mail…

Thank you for the feedback. I have since switched to a product call MiFalcon which does the same as Olarm but I also have not found a way to integrate that as yet.

I got an email response from Olarm. They are actively working on HA integration and expect a release sometime this year. That’s as much as I could get out of them :frowning:

HI All, I mail the Olarm team every few months, and every few months I get the same “we are actively working on this feature”, however no change other than that.

I don’t have any confidence in them for integrating into Home Assistant or Google Home or Homekit.

HI All, I mailed the Olarm team again today with a request for “Homekit, Google home and Home Assistant support”. Today I received a mail back with access to the API which is still in beta.

You might want to try the same.

I’m more on the infrastructure side, than the coding side, but will give the API a try. I hope that there is someone else that will be able to make sense of this and assist with integration to Home Assistant.

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Would you mind sending the information that you got from them to me? I’m also more on the infra side than coding - but would like to see what they’ve come up with… hopefully one of the dev people can help us find a way to integrate this into HA as well.
h 3 f t y 1 @ g m a i l . c o m

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Same here please if possible to s t e y n c d @ g m a i l . c o m

@willieb @steyncd

I kept on logging tickets for the following: “Homekit and Google home support”

I never got feedback so started logging a ticket everyday, eventually I got a mail back saying that they have enabled the API for me.

*"The API has been enabled for you. *

You can access it by logging into login.olarm.co"

When I log in, at the top right I have API Access



It seems I’ll also have to request access to the API’s as my profile doesn’t show it at present. Thanks for the guidance thus far. Appreciate it. If you get anything sorted - feel free to share with us :smiley:

Hi everyone,

I’ve managed to get access to the API and have got the Webhook sending messages to my Home Assistant using Nabu Casa. I basically just need to know when the alarm system is activated and when an alarm is triggered. I want to use this information in flows and automation. Only problem is I feel my brain is full when trying to get the JSON data into something that I can use in Home Assistant. This is an example of what I get when arming the system.

  "deviceId": "15c9339c-8cf4-4996-adb0-fe24ea99f45d",
  "eventTime": 1665898494997,
  "eventAction": "area",
  "eventState": "arm",
  "eventNum": 2,
  "eventMsg": "ARMED - Area 2 - Outside",
  "userFullname": "XYZ"

Has anyone got any experience that can assist me/us get the trigger.json code into Home Assistant. I’ve spent many hours trying to find examples that use a similar integration but to no avail and it’s taking me ages to get a little further each time. I can get individual values from the JSON code but have no idea how to get the values/variables for use into Home Assistant where I can use them in other automations. Many thanks.

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Did you manage to make any progress on this?
I am struggling with the same thing.
Not sure if it should be configured as a condition of the automation?

I assume you are using the automations.
I did manage to get this right by using a Template Condition.

It seems like the top level object (variables) is ignored in the response.

I only seem to get webhook events for disarm, countdown, and arm (I assume I would for stay, sleep etc. as well) but I don’t get them for zone state change. Have you tested this at all?

I haven’t tested the zone state change yet. Will do in a couple of days and post back on here. I need to call my security company and just let them know I want to test.

Ok, just tested it. I get a message via webhook when the alarm is triggered with the zone names affected. I have a Paradox mg5050. Now to start the hard process of trying to code this in.

Ah okay, I was hoping to get webhook messages even if the alarm is not armed. The idea was to switch on lights as I walk around the house and automatically switch lights off if there is no movement in that room for a period of time.

Oh. Ok. Definitely no messages when not armed coming through.

Hi Bruce, can you please assist me with the steps on how to get Webhook sending me messages to my Home Assistant using Nabu Casa.I do have access to my API :smiley:
Thank you in advance!

Go to https://user.olarm.co/ and setup your webhook using the URL and secret from your HA Cloud settings on Home Assistant, it’s not on the Nabu Casa website. You will the be able to create an automation using the webhook trigger, with the secret as the webhook ID. I just use {{trigger.json.eventState == 'alarm'}} for the template condition which means if any alarm condition occurs. You will find the documentation on the Olarm website.

Think that’s how I did it…was a while ago :slight_smile:

From all the information that they have provided in the API documentation, is it possible to actually create an integration? I am not clued up on the Webhooks and will have to learn how to handle all of this. The problem that I am trying to wrap my head around is how to poll the webhook to get a “live” data feed of the activity on zones and then alarm states as well as the details of when alarm is triggered.

Perhaps someone may help shed some light on this for me. As an example, when you use this trigger.json.eventState, how is it polling the webhook api to receive that the state has changed along with change data message (zone details or alarm armed)