Old ACT HomePro Z-wave devices?

Hi, is anyone using ACT HomePro Z-wave devices? I had one test unit working ~OK, but now after a few months cannot add any similar ones. And the existing one is not responding either. Other z-wave units are fine.
These are really old units, but I happen to have several tens of those and would like to use them!

I bought some act zwave wall switches a long time ago. They eventually failed and I had to replace them.
Leviton was the only one of the early zwave devices I bought that has been reliable.

Yeah mine are way more than 10 years old.
Checking the Z-wave logs I can see some two-way communication between the Aotec gen5 Z-wave stick and the modules. The problem is that no devices are populated on the GUI at all.
Wonder if HA version has something to do with this (runnig the newest)?

Update: cannot get the old units working in HA, but they work without problems with Vera.

Might be that since these are really old, they are just not supported in HA. Somehow thought that allo Zwave units would show up as generic devices or so.

Aotec stick registeres those still.