Old cell passed to my kid

So My wife gave my son her old cell, she had HA on the phone, he didn’t format the device, but uninstalled all apps
BUT now, when he installs HA on this device although he usese his user name etc. somehow he gets all permissions of old HA of my wife’s, how do I fix it?

Probably go into setting/users and adjust or delete on HA

that’s the obvious didn’t help…

What about house/security and delete the token associated with the phone.

thx, i’ll give it a try, can you explain how do I do that?

I haven’t tried it myself but I think it should just be to press on the trash can. Or just log out from the old phone.
It should be found at the very bottom of the menu bar on the left of the screen.

You don’t mention what OS the phone is, which would be required to understand how to solve the problem. For Android as an example, all apps have “Clear Cache” and “Clear Storage”. Clearing those will set the app as if you just installed it clean.

thx, where are the token located on HA?

it’s an android - a galaxy

Then go in to settings, apps, find the companion app, select clear cache and clear storage. Next time you launch the companion app it will walk through setup as newly installed.

below notifications
On your kid’s phone below notifications is what ever your wife was logged in as go to that and press logout. Or delete its token, but I assume your wife will want to log in using her original username. If you want your kid to have any access to HA they can log in then using their limited username. In my case user is called house. Set it > 4 years ago so bit dumb to call it house. Once you log out on your kid’s phone they can’t log back in on that account without username and password.

strange It doesn’t have clear cache and clear storage only uninstall and force stop

You didn’t say what galaxy phone or OS version but Google is your friend Clear the app cache and data on your Galaxy phone (samsung.com)

tried and still doesn’t change