Old house, Home assistant?

Hi! Would it be possible to install and use HomeAssistant in an old, non smart house?

I’ve done it. My house about 100years old. It takes some work tho.

you may be limited on access to neutrals for your switches tho.

smart bulbs are an option if absolutely necessary but I would try to avoid them if at all possible. Smart bulbs get pretty dumb as soon as the switch is turned off.

for outlets you can always get external add-on outlets. not ideal but doable. I have several.

Sure it’s possible. Why wouldn’t it ?

400 year old house here. Any type of wiring work is challenging. The house was built long before electricity was a thing (and running water too), so anything involving wires, pipes, conduits, etc is complicated. But it’s certainly possible with some creativity and patience. Wireless mesh networks help a lot and so do battery powered sensors.

What, specifically, is the concern here? Very few houses have been built to support “smart” components from the start. Even if they were, the technology goes obsolete so fast I’d consider that a disadvantage.

I’ve replaced every wire and pipe in my +/- 150-year-old house. Some of the things I’ve “upgraded” are now long obsolete, like cable TV and phone wiring for every room, not to mention old Ethernet cable.

Smart plugs and sensors of all kinds don’t care how old the house is. But the real value to me is home monitoring. Things like making sure the sump pumps are working and the remote corners of the house where a stray pipe passes through aren’t below freezing. I might never have considered Home Assistant if I didn’t have those critical needs to address. Everything else is just for fun.