Old or New Coordinator... ? Help!

HA release 2023.5.0 introduced a bug that supposedly only affected ‘older’ coordinators.
The bug caused certain zigbee devices to go offline earlier than they should:

This has now been fixed in 2023.5.3 which is good news, but from what I can gather, my coordinator shouldn’t have been affected as its already running ezsp stack version 8. This is an extract from my ZHA debug info:

        "metadata": {
          "ezsp": {
            "manufacturer": "",
            "board": "",
            "version": " build 297",
            "stack_version": 8,
            "can_write_custom_eui64": true

Is the wording in the bug fix just wrong and the problem is wider, or is there something else I should be investigating ?

I’m running a Sonoff Dongle-E (plus v2) as my coordinator. Firmware details etc are above.
If its affecting me, I curious as to why I dont hear more about the issues in the forum, as I believe that coordinator is not uncommon.

I have a SkyConnect that is only a few months old, which also looks to be running the HUSBZB-1. I, too, am still experiencing issues on 2023.5.3 and am also surprised there is very little actual clarity around what is going on with this issue and when it might be fixed. VERY FRUSTRATING!

I was initially confused because I misread this:


Thinking the HUSBZB-1 was a protocol, but its a physical device like this one on amazon:

All i can say is that since 2023.5.3 my ZHA network has been stable again. Did you have any issues prior to 2023.5.0 ? There are alot of threads about SkyConnect problems that pre-date this particular issue.

Thanks! I did have some SkyConnect issues previously but mostly got them resolved by replacing a few devices. This new issue all started since 2023.5.3. Oddly, for the first time ever, I upgraded from 4.6 to 2023.5.2 (skipping .0 and .1) because I was out of town. Then I upgraded to .3. I wonder if this had any impact?

I just migrated back to Conbee II and everything is now working flawlessly again!