Old Raspberry PI and HA


Just bought a Raspberry PI 4 and thinking of using HA on it. But I’m in need of using it other way now instead. And the I thought is there any reason not to by a cheaper Raspberry Pi model 3 instead of buying another 4?

Welcome Henrik :slight_smile:

I don’t see why you couldn’t, I started out on a pi as well. It works really well for most setups.
Just be aware that certain things will be slower, e.g. taking snapshots, restarting, configuration changes/reloading.
You might want to set up a different database than SQLite, the MariaDB addon works well.
Also, setting up Filters for the database might be worth a look, reduces system usage and SD card wear.

Thank you!

Yeah, I’m just trying it out. But the difference between Pi 3 and 4, as having HA on it, is marginal I presume.

A RPi4 B with 2GB Ram costs the same as a RPi3 B+ 1GB.
I’m not one going for the top of the line stuff but in this case I would not doubt…

Just my 2c