Old TFA Dostmann IT+ Weather Station 868 MHz. Any way to receive?


I have a pretty old Dostmann weather hub which has a bunch of sensors throughout the house. In particular, these ones:

Temperature Transmitter | TFA Dostmann (tfa-dostmann.de)

They operate on 868 MHz (something called IT+?) and I don’t think are in any way encrypted, since I sometimes pick up my neighbour’s sensors.

Is there some way to bring these readings into HASS? I have a couple of ESP32’s with ESPhome that could get some radio receiver attached to them, but also some pi’s. But I don’t know where to start.

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The following project can decode the signal. It needs a sdr-dongle.

tfrec with mqtt-support:

I’m not aware of a native home assistent integration.

I used to own such a sensor. Then as it was broken, I bought a TX29IT senor wich works pretty well.
With HA I can receive it with a Jeelink device.
Meanwhile I use a few more of these sensors.

Just the other day I tried the SDR tool rtl-433 with an DVB-T stick. It can decode as well and even send with MQTT.


I was recently searching on how to integrate a similar product, more precisely WeatherHub Observer Starter Set and landed on this thread.
Although it connects to TFA servers through the Internet, the sensors also operate on 868 MHz.
I made an API client for all WeatherHub Observer compatible devices, that posts the data to MQTT topic.

If you would like to see the solution and try it out yourself, please visit my GitHub page and contact me through Twitter.
Hope this comes in handy. :slightly_smiling_face:

As mentioned, this is best done using SDR, software defined radio. You need a receiver dongle (basically a tv stick)
Google rtlsdr. Check the Linux program rtl_433 GitHub - merbanan/rtl_433: Program to decode radio transmissions from devices on the ISM bands (and other frequencies)
This even supports mqtt .
You will need a raspberry / internal linux server(ette) to integrate. But then you are running home assistant so have that,