Old Z-Wave

Open Z-Wave

I just started to use homeassistant a month ago. Moving off of smartthings.

Had some issues getting z-wave setup but was pretty close. Had about 7 devices connected but then it all fell apart. Shelved it and came back to start from scratch with a new Z-stick.

The normal z-wave addon that I used last time is not there any more. My only option is open z-wave beta. Is this what we have to use now? Haven’t had much luck at all with it. I have an Aotec Gen5 plugged into my PC with VirtualBox setup. I’ve got it to recognize it. I haven’t got anything else to pair yet. I’ve tried both just using the “Add node” in configuration as well as taking the stick out.

I end up seeing nodes with an ID and it just has the Query Stage as “Probe” and it never progresses from there. Am I doing something wrong?

I installed MQTT broker but haven’t done anything with it. Is there something else to do here? The documentation mentioned omzdaemon installed and running in your network, was confused on this. Do I need to install that on my vm? Not super familiar with vmware of dockers.

Appreciate any feedback and help! Thanks!

where are you looking? I still use the old zwave integration.

also what version of HA and what is your install type (OS, Supervised, Core, venv)?

If you are using the Aeotec zwave controller in your PC make sure the plug is not USB 3.0. I had to purchase a cheap USB 2.0 hub to get the Aeotec controller to work with OpenZWave. I saw in another forum that the Aeotec controller doesn’t work well with USB 3.0. Otherwise I have been using OpenZWave for about 2 weeks and has been working pretty well.

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In the Add on store I don’t see it. Search for zwave or wave and only OpenZwave and Z-wave to MQTT come up.

Here’s the detail on what I’m running.
Home Assistant Core 0.118.1
You are currently running version 0.117.6

Operating System 4.17
You are currently running version 4.16

Pretty sure it’s a 2.0 port. I’ll try to double check that. Thanks.

That’s because the old zwave integration isn’t an add-on. it’s a core integration.

look in the integrations section of the configuration menu and hit the + in the bottom right. you should find it in that list.

Ah!!! I remember doing that now. Oops! Will try that and hopefully get better results. Thanks!

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I used to do the Z-wave core integration, then following a HDD failure I thought I would try Zwave2MQTT. I prefer the the way Zwave2MQTT handles everything. It gives you a lot more control over your sensor naming. I specifically like that Zwave continues working and collecting data when HA is down for any reason such as rebooting. I also like the mesh view of the Zwave network, which shows how the nodes have connections.

I think that right now that is the biggest benefit of switching to the OZW integration.

I can’t wait till the kinks get ironed out so i can make the switch.

That was my problem right now.
Just a 2inch USB extension stick made a huge difference.
Now stuff is joining easily.