Older Hardware for a New HA Setup


Currently I have HomeAssistant Supervised running on a Raspberry Pi4, 2GB RAM. I have a dozen IOT devices being controlled by this setup. My working knowledge of Linux mainly consists of following web setup instructions, copy/paste and memorizing some Linux commands.
When I break something I am usually able to get the system back to its previous configuration.

I would like to run Home Assistant on:

Dell Optiplex 7010 UltraSmallFormFactor
Intel core i5 processor
8GB RAM or upgrade if required
120BG SSD SATA Boot Drive
1TB SATA Mechanical DATA Drive

OS = Windows 10 Pro

Features that I would like to incorporate:
Home Assistant, Docker, Portainer, Plex or emby
Access the system locally and from the internet.
More hands-on control of setup, operation and maintenance.

I’ looking for some suggestions on setting up a new home automation system that uses the above hardware and features. I am hoping to get feed back from experienced users that might have a system like the Desktop one described above.