Older Panasonic Viera power on options

I’ve just realised I can control my Panasonic Viera Plasma (ST50) with an API. It has commands for all the remote buttons I need except power on. The network interface is unavailable when in standby, there is no option for this in the network menu, unlike newer models.

This is disappointing as this is the last function I need to be able to perform to rid myself entirely of infra-red remote control.

So, short of disassembling the TV and connecting an (isolated) ESP GPIO across the power button, do you have any other ideas on how the TV could be powered on?

CEC perhaps?

Yep, CEC control via mqtt should do it:

did you manage it to get in on ?

I don’t remember what happened but the TV power is my one and only IR control, so that would be a no.

same here. not a win

Though I just found this:

I’m going to give it a try.

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I just gonna buy a new tv. It has had it best times…