(older) Sony Blu-Ray-Player Component?

first time posting here and a total noob. I’ve been working for about a week to make hass.io on an RPi2 control my home cinema and most things work quite well.

I am looking for a Component that I can use to control my Sony BDP-3100. It is in general controllable via LAN.

I found this:

But have no idea how to install or use it. I tried via SSH, but my hass.io did not recognize any of these commands.

could someone please advise?
I would also like to use this to connect to my bluray player

Never got it to work.

It is a correct plugin, but how to transfer it to HA baffles me aswell

You need to install this custom component:

This should install the API itself.

Yes, I use it myself aswel and though quite basic you can toggle the device on, change volume and play local media. I haven’t found a way to change sources as Id like to set it to Bluetooth mode once it’s on.