Older version of the App? (Apk?

Where can I find older versions like the 1.6 or 1.5?

I just installed the 1.7 and I cannot access to HA but with the 1.6 I think (1.5 for sure) I had no problem so I want to install an older version until I figure out what is the problem.

But I cannot find any older version in any trusted site.

Can you try to update to 1.7.1 and see if it fixes the issue? If not please open an issue on GitHub so someone can look at it. Make sure to fill out the template and include a screenshot of the error. Also check the HA logs for any errors too.

In terms of older APK versions…those only exist in the firebase builds but I think those builds hit the maximum amount of users.

One more thing, the issue you may be experiencing could be related to some bad data so you may want try to start fresh with the app: https://companion.home-assistant.io/docs/troubleshooting/faqs/#starting-fresh-with-the-android-app

Edit: please try these steps before opening an issue to rule out data issue.

I not see the 1.7.1 version in the play store yet. Will update as soon as it appears.

I already try that steps before with no luck. The app shows the message “Unable to register Application” and I think it is related with my phone and something with Google Services, because in another tablet it works great. That is the reason I did not want to open an issue but maybe I will because I will be losing a lot of new features in my phone.