Olimex ESP32-POE Overheating with POE


I have olimex poe32-poe board, I connected it to HA with ESPHOME. It appears when it is powered from POE, then it gets hot, I think about 60-70 C, barely can touch it, but it works some how. There is no much code, just this:

  name: olm-common-15

  board: esp32-poe
    type: arduino

  type: LAN8720
  mdc_pin: GPIO23
  mdio_pin: GPIO18
  clk_mode: GPIO17_OUT
  phy_addr: 0
  power_pin: GPIO12


    key: ""

  password: ""

I have tested 10 boards, and all of them becoming hot. I’ve tried 2 POE switches, still same. But when it is powered by 5v and connected with Ethernet, then it ok. Does anybody have such issue? How to remedy this?

That’s pretty much normal. When powering with 5V voltage drop on regulator is below 2V (since esp runs on 3.3V), while when powering over POE voltage drop is quite bigger. Power loss is somewhat dependant on quality of parts used (inductor, chip), but pretty much all POE devices are at least worm if not hot.
60-70 degrees is not dangerous. For example: i have shelly 2.5 device (for covers) and they have also internal temperature in this range…

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