OMG Motion Sensors in HA

So just moved over to HA and loving it BUT what is it with motion sensors
I had a VERA with Fibaros, they were flooding my zwave network so changed to Aeotec Trisensors
They seem to work ok but dont show battery level…

so just added Hue motions sensors they sort of work but the motion Sensor shows clear, but the occupancy sensor detects

  1. Anyone know how to fix the Trisensor battery level - tried the threads ie sensor.trisensor_battery_level automation, cant get that to work

  2. Anyone know how to fix the Philips Hue motion sensor entity not reporting motion

  3. Are there any sensors that work correctly out of the box

Thank you for any replies

My experience is that Hue motion sensors are “on” for about 10 sec for each motion detected, so if my room is occupied (and I’m not actually asleep :roll_eyes:) they will be contunially switching on and off - I had assumed that this was how they all worked.

You have to use them as triggers to drive something else (I use Entity Controller from HACS).