Omnilink Bridge with MQTT working on HASSIO - How to Arm/Disarm

I have integrated the omnilink bridge with MQTT on my HASSIO implementation. I can see all of my sensors and status of the system. Great logging. I can not figure out how to implement the Alarm Card to actually Arm and Disarm the system. The alarm card will not show the keypad. Anyone else have this setup and maybe could provide some clues?

I use another brand of alarm system and this is how its attributes appear in Developer Tools > States:

code_format: number
changed_by: null
code_arm_required: true
index: 1
is_exit: false
timer1: 0
timer2: 0
armed_status: disarmed
arm_up_state: ready_to_arm
alarm_state: no_alarm_active
changed_by_keypad: null
changed_by_time: null
changed_by_id: null
friendly_name: Our Home
supported_features: 7

Compare that to your system, especially code_arm_required. I believe if that is false then the Alarm Panel Card won’t, by default, display a keypad.

Thank you for the reply. I will work on this later and post the result.

Mine is a bit less than your example above. I really wish that the Omnilink driver was documented fully.

service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_night
  code: 1234

So what is it? Does it contain code_arm_required? What you posted isn’t a list of the attributes it’s a portion of a service call to arm an alarm panel.

I posted it above. For each individual arming function, that is all the code that exists.

I didn’t ask for that. I asked for something else, twice, and provided an example and explained where to get it. You didn’t post anything that I asked for.

Given that it seems we aren’t making any headway, I’ll step aside and let someone else assist you.

Good luck!

What I posted above is exactly what you asked for - My has nothing in the Alarm system settings under Dev/States except for the lines below.

format: null
changed_by: null
code_arm_required: true
friendly_name: AREA 1
supported_features: 55

Apparently everything with the Omni bridge is coded in the API and I can not locate any documntation on how allow the panel to accept a user code. I can not get the developer of the Omni bridge to respond. This may force my hand to change over to DSC.