On 4.0.2.b Interesting Stream Behavior

Thought I’d share something that might be of use to some people.

I have run HADashboard on POE Chinese Android tablet wall mounted for several years as well as my phones. The main reason is it is still the best servicable option that allows for streaming cameras and buttons. I’ve never gotten lovelace stable with more than 3 cameras.

Latest HA update broke my streaming dashboard so I updated my LXC to Debian 10, updated HA, and built a new VENV from scratch running 4.0.2.b. I previously ran my cameras to zoneminder then linked to HA and accessed those streams on home assistant. In order to give Lovelace another shot I set up HA directly to my cameras (Dahua and SV3C) to test out if zoneminder was causing my Lovelace instability for streaming with picture glances. Both instances were still unstable on HA and completely unusable on my Chinese android tablet which is admittedly limited kit.

So I tested the new HADashboard stream with both direct “camera to HA” and “Camera to Zoneminder the Zoneminder to HA”. I could not get streaming to reliably work with the direct to HA camera feeds. My cameras are set to 1080p 5fps H264. I updated all packages and dependancies, even trying the ONVIF HA setting as well as FFMPEG integrations. I tried a combination of the working source urls that work 100% for zoneminder streams as well as other settings. Nothing worked on HA. I could never really get direct to camera to work with the new HADashboard stream component either.

However, once I switched the zoneminder streams to HADashboard they worked flawlessly. Been running 6 cameras to an HADashboard all day without any crashes or lags. Probably had 10 hours testing prior to this.

I just figured I would share because I know a lot of people are struggling right now with camera feed being broken on HADashboard 3.0.2. I don’t know what the backend implications are, in that I don’t know what zoneminder converts the streams to or how HA handles the decoding. But I do know that on the latest HA, with the 4.0.2b HADashboard, I have 100% servicability using the stream function on streams that are coming from Zoneminder.


How you did that? in this case what you use as the “entity” since zoneminder shouldnt know that? May you share a example config?