On boarding not possible

i installed on a qnap nas with docker home assistant after resetting the NAS.
When installation was finished and open the home assistant webinterface there comes no onboarding welcome page where i can dreate an user. I directly come to a home assistant interface. But there i have no options to edit anything (no 3 points on the right side where i can edit the dashboard).
What is going wrong here?

Please make sure you follow the installation guide.

The container needs to come from Docker Hub. I think QNAP provide their own package of Home Assistant that is very outdated.

Hi, i followed the instructions in the Link.
I also removed and reinstalled some Times. But every time the Same Problem.

In the interface, you should be able to get to Configuration > Settings > Info. What version of Home Assistant does it say you are running?

Same issue, I’ve installed the latest image of Home Assistant (0.65.5) on my QNAP, using Container (QNAP’s docker), hub.docker.com where Container pulls from says Home Assistant updated the image 2 days ago, so should be the latest version.

I’ve followed the “QNAP NAS” install instructions from here exactly Alternative - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io) but I get no Onboarding when I got to my ip:8123, I’ve even tried adding /onboarding.html as I’ve seen that on some Youtube videos (not QNAP related) but get a 404 error.

When you go to ip:8123 it goes straight to the /states page, with a Welcome Home! Here are some resources to get started: (links) in a white box.

Any future progress or help on this would be great, I’m new to Home Assistant so the onboarding would be handy…

Update: After many forums viewed, and videos watched, and dawning on me HA’s version naming convention, turns out in QNAP’s Container for HA “latest” doesn’t actually pull the latest. Having deleted everything to make sure no version contamination or anything, I manually selected version 2023.1.3, entered the config location as instructed in Advanced Settings, and added the TZ value, and hey presto, onboarding appears.

So TL:DR anyone finding this thread, make sure you select the HA version manually from the drop down menu where it says “latest”, the format is year.month.release day (so pick the last one above the dev betas) do not leave it set to “latest”.

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Thank you.

There is no version 2023.1.3 only .2 or .4 ?