On/Off Fade Transition for Tuya LED Controller

I have 2 lights that I enjoy a lot from Tuya. They can do a lot of gradients/animations etc but my one deal breaker is that they don’t fade on or off. Everything else in the room fade on and these look super jarring.

Is there any possible way to get this to fade on or off whether it being a script in HA or even flashing the controller if possible? Willing to experiment once guided in the right direction.

Expertise and hardware-wise on my end, the most intricate process I’ve ever done was flashing a SONOFF Zigbee Bridge with Tasmota…following a direct tutorial so it’s not saying much lol.

Video of it turning on and off: Tuya Light Bars On/Off - YouTube

Photos of controller: Tuya LED Controller. Request for Fade on/off transition. - Album on Imgur