Onboarding after fresh installation

I have just flashed a new SD card with the latest image 2.12 - 32bit version for Rasperry Pi Model B.
Used my PC - After files were loaded I was asked for registrating the login detail, that went fine.
But afterwards the onboarding.html file is trying to load, but in all my browsers (IE,Chrome,Firefox) comes up with this kind of error message : “Something went wrong loading onboarding, try refreshing”.
I have tried erasing the cache, even reinstalled the browsers without any luck. But when I use my phone, I can connect to it and it works. So the problem is only on the PC. I have installed Home assistant on a flash card before without having this problem. Any ideas?

Hi @hansentanzen thanks for joining up and sharing your symptoms with the community.

If you are having issues just with certain client/browser combinations, then the Developer Tools feature usually has a Java Console mini-tab, where you should be able to see errors occurring. This diagnostic detail could be valuable in trying to pinpoint where the issue is.

Although it is not a fix, it is might be possible to circumvent the onboarding process by modifying manually modifying your configuration file - telling the system directly where you are, what your timezone is, etc. However that is not really fixing the problem, just avoiding it until later.

Please come back with any specific Browser Console error messages that might help someone identify what needs fixing.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover: