Onboarding Page Images Not Displayed

Hey guys
This is my first post and first time trying Home Assistant. I’ve been trying to get it to work over the last few days but there is something odd going on. I am stumped and wondered if anyone has any ideas?

I’ve installed the software onto a rasberry pi 4 using the official guide and pi imager. The setup went very slowly but seems to have worked. Now when i try to access the Home Assistant page (http://homeassistant:8123/) it automtically redirects to http://homeassistant:8123/onboarding.html. Unfortunately, no images are shown and there is no way to progress. It just shows Home Assistant in plain text and has a single image cannot be displayed box.

I’ve tried accessing with different phones and a laptop with multiple browsers as well as deleting/reinstalling multiple times, but its the same thing each time.
Does anyone know what could be going on? Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

Try http://xx.yy.zz.aa:8123 where xx.yy.zz.aa is the IP address of HA.

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I’ve been trying that too and the same thing happens.

What does the output on the server monitor say?
I also think the normal URL is homeassistant.local, but the server output will tell you that.

Thanks for the help. By the server monitor do you mean the router page or is it a specific application? The router page shows everything as normal with the pi4 registered to Ethernet port 2, ip and working normally.
I’ve been trying the .local address too but it doesn’t make any difference.

The clue is right there in your taskbar. Brave browser is aggressively blocking everything the HA Onboarding page is trying to display. See edit

Switch to a different browser temporarily and go through the onboarding process. You might be able to switch back to brave later, but keep in mind this experience and make sure you start allowing HA stuff (sorry, not too familiar with how brave behaves) if you experience weird behaviour.

EDIT: nvm, I missed the fact that you tried different browsers already. Given you’re using brave, maybe you’ve got other stuff that aggressively blocking the onboarding elements?

That was my first thought too. Unfortunately, Edge and the android browsers do the same (or don’t load at all).

By server monitor I meant what does the monitor say on the server where HA is installed?
This will tell you the current access information for your HA installation.

Oh a screen lol. That makes sense. I don’t have anything that i could plug the pi into, but i might see if i could borrow a monitor from someone if that is the only way forward.

A monitor and keyboard connected directly to the Pi gives you easy access to many recovery commands, so it is a must.
Remember that the Pi might have a monitor connector that might require a converter.