Once and for all, bulletproof location tracking?

A piece of hardware which obviously would need charging, which goes onto a keychain or into a purse. Still not solved… ugh. ideas?

A phone is the best solution you can get.
A good one combine GPS, Glonass and WiFi recognition, which no other type of device does.

For Android possibly, for iPhone - no. Let’s say someone used their iphone at one location, puts it away into a purse and the phone falls asleep. They leave, go out to a store with the iPhone in their purse and then come back later, never having touched the iPhone. HA is never notified of any location change. So that’s the best we can do - something that doesn’t work? And if you reply that the iPhone needed to be configured a certain way, note the iPhone user is not a technology savvy person, the iPhone configuration you specify would have to survive a reboot as well as killing all running apps (meaning swiping up and flicking all the apps away - as it an older model and if it acts flaky all the apps are killed or it is rebooted)?

I am not an iPhone user, but I guess there still is a setting somewhere to allow location tracking in the background.

There are lots of GPS and/or GLONASS devices available, but the using WiFi recognition is only mobile phones that allow that and maybe not even all off them, so it requires a lot phones with WiFi enabled to built the database over broadcasted SSID and also having a fast an reliable search in the database.

iPhone users might not be tech savvy, but it must be up to the users to learn to use their device.

Hmpf? What is this nonsense about ‘falling asleep’ ??
My nine year old daughter has an Iphone6, and it tracks 24/7 until the battery is dead.

The only thing is, that when the IPhone offers to disable the location service because it has been used a long time, you need to tell it to keep using it instead of disabling it…

gotcha - I’ll check, thanks