OnCue Server replacement for Kohler generators and network disconnects

I have been struggling with the OnCue environment as have others, network disconnects requiring reboot, etc. I don’t have HA running yet, but had an idea of a Home OnCue server app running locally. My big issue is when on generator, the internet is usually down. After multiple days, I would like to know the gen condition. There have been several people in this forum that have written an interface for Kohler’s server to replace their phone app. My thought to do this was to sniff the protocol between the generator and OnCue server while it’s working and built the app and redirect the communication to local hardware or both. BUT, I’m a Fortran and assembly language guy( retired). This is Way past my skill set. This seems like a good application for the HA system and with a fair number of kohler users.

For any reader that has a OnCue dropping connection, I have been testing my router DHCP lease time length and think the OnCue programmers may have dropped out the re-request ( or what was there before as mine worked fine for 2 years). I’ve extended mine to 30 days and am in test. Prior with 24 hours lease time, mine lost connection in 24 hrs.