One app to rule them all? Can Home assistant help?


So I’m late to the smart game. And only own a trust zigbee hub and few lights. But with my upcoming move I have a problem with the ligth switchis and need to go smart or go rewire all of the living room. I’m renting so… Option 1 :smiley:
So to go to the question, I’m going to start “smarting” my apartment on a budget and I don’t want to have many apps all over the place.
And if I marry a platform I don’t want to have regrets :wink:

  1. Can Home assistant be the only app I interface with? (in addition to red nod or similar platforms when I whant to be fancy)
  2. Google home specker compatibility?
  3. UI that my wife will understand or at least know what to press with out calling me (ios user)?
  4. Remote maintanace, I work away from home for several days, and it will never be exeptble if I can fix small bugs via the computer?
  5. Can it sync up with Dropbox?
  6. Dark mode?
  7. I’m not a programmer but I am a computer savvy, how bad is the learning curve?

All tho right now I really don’t need a great program to what I need now, but I don’t want to have to change/learn new things after getting things working.
I plan to expand in the future. Where I whant to be able to do mad macros and automation,
where the rest of my family does not need to know anything other than: press/say this and it works


Yes home assistant is for you. Do you have a spare computer to run it on? Doesn’t have to be flash, but you probably want quiet/low power.


Was originally planning to run it on my always on pc, but that is my everything pc so I don’t whant to waist the 1 core just for vm.
Just need to get my old laptop running. Not really worried about power cost, it’s kinda cheap (live in iceland)


Many people start off with a raspberry pi, so not a lot of grunt is needed.


One answer to all your questions: