One button ESP-Link installer

For those of you struggling with the installation of ESP-Link (a serial to wifi module for ESP8266’s)
I created a one-button installer page for ESPLink on my GitHub page

Just connect the ESP8266 module to a serial port (or by usb), and hit 'Connect" :wink:


Once flashed, it will come up with its own wifi network.
Connect to it and configure the esp-link further on

PS: Everything is on GitHub, so you can check the sources if you want to.
The binaries I recompiled; it now uses port 23 and 2000 (instead of the standart port 2323); the rest is copied 1:1 from GitHub - jeelabs/esp-link: esp8266 wifi-serial bridge, outbound TCP, and arduino/AVR/LPC/NXP programmer

ESPLink / ESP-Link / Ser2TCP / Ser2Net / serial over tcp


PS…just found out I used the wrong offset on one bin.
Corrected now.

And in case the WebInstaller doesn’t work, added ESP-FlashTool:

Hello, esp-link is for esp8266, not esp32 like you said in your original post. Or have you ported it to esp32?

sorry will correct it, thanks for pointing it out :+1:t4:

lol alright, to be honest I was kinda hoping you managed to get it to work on esp32 since thats what im currently trying to do

anyway thanks for the quick reply

Had a look at this one?

I used it while for my pellet stove, but not so stable on esp-01, but maybe works better on esp32?

hmm, I will have a look, thanks