One installation - Two separate floors

Hi Guys, my parents-in-law, my wife and I want to buy a house together. The ground floor is us, the first floor is them. In my previous EFH I have a normal Home Assistant instance running on my Synology.

If we now move into a new house together, they should get their own VLAN* on the first floor. Is it still possible to use one Home Assistant installation for both floors (so they would have their own Hue Bridge etc.) or do I really have to set up a second installation and maintain it?

VLAN 1 ( - All normal devices EG
VLAN 2 ( - All smart home devices connected via WiFi etc.
VLAN 3 ( - All security cameras
*VLAN 4 ( - All devices OG

The Home Assistant installation would then be located in VLAN 1 on the Synology DS1522+.

Thank you for a little help.