One kit fits all? Q&A for a mmWave kit compatible with up to three different mmWave sensors (human detection, Fall Detection, Respiratory Heartbeat Detection)

The open-source kit is from Seeed Studio.
The three different mmWave sensors are:

The 24GHz one has been integrated with ESPhome already, a totally no-code experience, you can check the demo here.

The other two 60Ghz have to be bought separately and the ESPHome integration has not been done yet, the Seeed R&D team is planning on it. At that time, no matter which mmWave sensor you buy, it’s totally ESPhome pre-configured, and no need for extra development work.

It also supports diverse sensors, like PIR, humidity, and temperature sensors. You can just grab the suitable one for your deployment environment.

Open this new thread with the intent to record all the Q&A(good or bad) about this kit, and keep you updated on the latest progress the team makes for it.


This mmWave sensor kit is supported by ESPHome (Pilot), it’s estimated that it will be offcially supported at the end of this month. Experience the seamless using experience in just 4 steps!!