One of my Tradfri bulbs is not like the others

I have a hub and three Tradfri bulbs. All of which should have the same dimming and colour temp functions.

However two of them show up in HA with:

supported_features: 3

and the other with:

supported_features: 1

One of the bulbs with feature:3 is the exact same bulb as features:1

I can only set brightness on features:1

How to fix?

How does this Bulb looks like in the Tradfri-App, if the bulb is on? Is the symbol of the Bulb colored oder plain yellow?

All three bulbs look the same - a half blue/half yellow yin-yang - all seem to allow me to set warmth via the app

Hmm, that´s strange. I have just one single-color lamp and these is the only one, which has supported_feature: 1. Maybe you should try to reinstall the tradfri-component?

I have the GU10 spots and HA says “supported features: 3”

So I deleted the offending Bulb in the App and re-added it, its now reporting as Features:3